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A vibrant and artistic tattoo haven nestled in the heart of West End, Roatan. Whether you’re seeking a meticulously detailed design or an abstract masterpiece, Foxy’s Inks is committed to delivering an exceptional tattooing experience tailored to each individual’s vision and personality. The ultimate Roatan souvenir!

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Meet Tasha Crook

aka Foxy

I’m a freelance tattoo artist on the tropical island of Roatan, Honduras, offering professional bespoke tattoos as a permanent reminder of your epic vacation. 
I’m originally from the UK, and moved here from London in March 2010 with my two cats Max and Troy, that’s over 11 years here full time, and to be honest.. I can’t imagine living or being anywhere else! I had NO idea that I’d become a tattoo artist, but it feels like the most natural thing I could be doing!

I’ve always been crazy about tattoos and piercings, piercing my own ears at age 11, to my mothers despair, and got my first tattoo at the age of 15! Flew to LA in 2005 and got tattooed in Kat Von D’s shop High Voltage. I’d spend over 15 years acting and modelling, became a motorcycle race journalist and was interviewing all the worlds top race champions, and worked for the California Superbike School for 18 months before moving here. I was offered a job on Roatan Radio 101.1FM! Lol.. Had the Sunset Sessions spot from 5-7pm Monday to Friday while volunteering at the cruise ship dock for the Rotary Club.

My mother died 10 months after I moved here, and I really wanted a tattoo to remind me of her. A few people told me of a guy called Weazy that came from El Salvador once or twice a year to tattoo… a few months later he was here and I got a small hummingbird on my neck for me mum, she would forever be whispering in my ear! We became friends, I’d  put him up in my spare room when he visited and would have a list of clients for him, I’d get tattooed for free, and we hustled. I was so fascinated with the whole process of tattooing and watched intently… I began to guess which size needles and inks he’d use, clean everything and set up for his appointments, I still had no idea at this time I’d start tattooing, I actually did a 5 year apprenticeship without realising!
About 7 years ago my little island dog Tyson died in a tragic accident, and in my PTSD depression I got the water colour paints out that my mum had bought for me about 25 years earlier, she always wanted me to get back into my art… so I started to paint and draw again after 30 years of not.. I was gifted with art as a child, and between growing up and the rave scene in the England back in the day distracted me, lol.. I couldn’t believe what I was creating, all heavily tattoo style influenced. 
Anyways, the rest of that’s history and I began to tattoo…
Since then, I’ve really worked on being the best artist and tattooist I possibly can, constantly learning, honing my skills and pushing myself. In September 2019, I went on an East to West coast tattoo trip of the USA, staying with people I’ve met over the years here and tattooing them, and also and UNBELIEVABLE two guest spots in amazing tattoo studios, of black and great specialist tattooists that had been on Ink Master, one of them I’d met five years earlier at the cruise ship dock when he was on his honeymoon, I’d also hung out with a friend of his a month earlier while a friend of his, and his girlfriend got tattooed in my home by Weazy, a whole other crazy story…LOL 
I learnt so much on that trip, with those guest spots, humbled and immensely grateful for the opportunity. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone working in those high end studio’s, everything is about reputation and for them to give me a shot was amazing. I also made a really good friend who I learnt so much from, I created art I didn’t know I was capable of, working with and learning from incredible masters at their trade. I came back a more competent, and well formed artist and tattooist. BIG SHOUT OUT and THANKS AGAIN to Chris Saint Clark, owner and multi award winning tattooist of Kustom Thrills in Nashville, and Saint Marq from Indiana, the owner and tattooist of New Breed Tattoos in Lafayette for believing in me!
After a year of the covid bullshit, meditating, believing and manifesting knowing what my future holds, I am now the proud owner of Foxy’s Tattoos Roatan, West End.. Once again thanks to incredible friends believing in me, my dream has finally come true, it’s hasn’t been an easy journey, but I seriously appreciate every step that has bought me to this point. 
I know what it is like to go away on vacation, have amazing experiences and want a permanent memory of where was, who I was with and who I became on that trip.. We are constantly changing like the seasons, the oceans and the weather.. let me turn that dream into tattoo reality
Please contacts me with regards to your tattoo ideas… Hope you have an amazing stay on our beautiful island paradise.

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